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You may select the country your faxing from the drop down at the top left of any page.

You may use the site map to find the destination country.

There are several different ways to find the exact country you are looking to fax.

U.S. Faxes: 15557778888 - One (1) is the country code for the U.S. and Canada.

International Faxes: 524447778888 - Fifty Two (52) is the country code for Mexico.

You do not have to insert the 011 before international numbers.

Click here to find a fax country code.

REMEMBER: It is always good to know if the fax number your sending the fax to is a good number before you submit the fax.

You may enter the recipient name, phone number and comments.

Low Priority = No Resubmission's
Medium Priority = Up To Five Resubmission's
High Priority = Up To Twenty Resubmission's

REMEMBER: For U.S. & Canada fax resubmission's are $1.00 and all other countries are $2.00 per resubmission.
See fax rates for more information.

You may use up to ten files per fax.

See file types accepted.

Depending on the size of your file, the next page should load in a few seconds were as if the file size is rather large it will take longer.

If your fax information is incomplete or incorrect, click the check box beside the fax in the queue and then click update to delete the fax from the queue.

If not logged on you will be prompted to do so and/or offered to create an account.

If creating an account, your fax will remain in the queue and upon creating an account, your fax will be submitted successfully.

You may watch the Live Fax Tracker (Mini) as your transmission is completed.

You may check the status of your fax from the Live Fax Tracker.

You will be sent e-mails describing the status of your fax.

Your account will be updated to reflect your usage.

If your a frequent user, you may fax again and pay later.

If your using Fax Money Packs, your credit amount will be updated.

If you are a one time user, you will find an option to make a payment.

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